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Mao Volume 3 is the third volume of MAO.


The mystery of what Nanoka is unravals, along side with MOA's past. In the wake of the big earthquake that was a prtedicted Nanoka and Mao meet Byouki the cat demon. Nanoka has a mystery hidden within her body. And Mao, an unsettled past brought revealing "New connections" and they will come face to face.



Chapter # Title
19 "Byōki"
(描鬼 "Byouki")
MAO Chapter 19.jpg
20 "Seven-Branched Tails"
(七又の尾 "Nanamata no o")
MAO Chapter 20.jpg
21 "New Vessel"
(新しい器 "Atarashii utsuwa")
MAO Chapter 21.jpg
22 "Guardian Shikigami"
(守護の式神 "Shugo no shikigami")
MAO Chapter 22.jpg
23 "Uozumi"
(魚住さん "Uozumi-san")
MAO Chapter 23.jpg
24 "Ryōunkaku"
(凌雲閣 "Ryouunkaku")
MAO Chapter 24.jpg
25 "Senior Pupil Hyakka"
(兄弟子百火 "Anideshi Hyakka")
MAO Chapter 25.jpg
26 "The Sinister Longsword"
(不吉の太刀 "Fukitsu no tachi")
MAO Chapter 26.jpg
27 "Haimaru"
(灰丸 "Haimaru")
MAO Chapter 27.jpg
28 "Kuchinawa"
(朽縄 "Kuchinawa")
MAO Chapter 28.jpg


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