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Mao Volume 2 is the second volume of MAO.


Mao and Nanoka, try to find the cat demon Byouki who holds all the answers!

When she was in first grade, her whole family were involved in an accident that only Nanoka Kiba survived. When she was in third grade and passed by the scene of the accident, for some reason she found herself in the Taisho era!

Then she met Mao and decided to act with him to solve the mystery of the demon theory.

Nanoka may have been cursed by the similar powers as Mao.

In order to unravel the mystery hidden in themselves, they sneaked into a cult with a guru who manipulates the lifespans of people, which is the same as the ability of the cat demon Byouki...

Mao and Nanoka, Taisho mysterious romance Volume 2 where the mysteries of the two are gradually revealed!



Chapter # Title
9 "Origin of the Demon"
(鬼神の出処 "Kishin no shussho")
MAO Chapter 9.jpg
10 "Behind the Cult"
(教団の裏側 "Kyoudan no uragawa")
MAO Chapter 10.jpg
11 "Reverse Curse"
(呪い返し "Noroi gaeshi")
MAO Chapter 11.jpg
12 "The Prophecy of Lady Shoko"
(鍾呼さまの予言 "Shoko sama no yoken")
MAO Chapter 12.jpg
13 "Keystone"
(要石 "Kanameishi")
MAO Chapter 13.jpg
14 "Guardian of the Barrier"
(結界の守り人 "Kekkai no moribito")
MAO Chapter 14.jpg
15 "Decoy"
(囮 "Otori")
MAO Chapter 15.jpg
16 "Water Jaw"
(水の顎 "Mizu no ago")
MAO Chapter 16.jpg
17 "Memories of that Day"
(あの日の記憶 "Ano hi no kioku")
MAO Chapter 17.jpg
18 "The Beginning"
(始まり "Hajimari")
MAO Chapter 18.jpg


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