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Mao Volume 1 is the first volume of MAO.


"Diviners and Spirits - A Girl's bizarre Taisho adventure!"

When she was in first grade, her whole family were involved in an accident that only Nanoka Kiba survived. When she was in third grade and passed by the scene of the accident, for some reason she found herself in the Taisho era! The day after she encountered "Mao", a young Diviner who said to her "You must be a spirit!" the powers of her body awakened -- and she teamed up with Mao to solve the riddle that was herself.

The *fated* pair will arrive

Facing their *destiny*, the bizarre Taisho adventure begins!"



Chapter # Title
1 "Nanoka"
(菜花 "Nanoka")
Mao Chapter 1.jpg
A middle-school student named Nanoka Kiba, who almost experienced death 8 years ago through a cave-in accident which occurred in front of a shopping street that killed her parents, finds herself in a different world by passing through that same shopping street, and meets a mysterious boy named Mao who refers to her as an Ayakashi.
2 "Mao"
(摩緒 "Mao")
As her physical abilities and eyes changed, Nanoka goes to find Mao again, who is investigating the area. She learns from his assistant named Otoya that he’s an exorcist and that he was cursed by a cat demon.
3 "Beyond the Gate"
(ゲートの向こう "Geeto no Mukou")
As Nanoka follows Mao until another area, she learns she has travelled into the past, all the way back to 1923, and Mao begins to investigate a series of decapitation murders plaguing the area.
4 "The Faceless Viscount"
(顔のない子爵 "Kao no Nai Shishaku")
Mao confronts the suspected serial killer in his manor, but it is revealed beneath his bandages that there is something else pulling the strings.
5 "The Spider Woman"
(蜘蛛女 "Kumo Onna")
As the conflict continues in an inundation of spider webs, Nanoka shows her stuff as her Ayakashi powers overwhelm her.
6 "Those Cursed"
(呪われた者 "Norowareta Mono")
MAO Chapter 6.jpg
Mao explains how his sword is cursed which suggests that Nanoka must have encountered and been cursed by the cat demon. She also learns the unusual background of his little friend Otoya and sets on doing some research about her childhood incident. Much to her surprise, a week had passed in her time.
7 "The Cave-In Incident"
(陥没事故 "Kanbotsu Jiko")
MAO Chapter 7.jpg
With the help of her classmate Shiraha, Nanoka learns more details about the cave-in incident, then goes back to the past where Mao opened a medical business for demons and frightening rumors about a psychic circulate.
8 "Manipulating Life Span"
(寿命を操る "Jumyou wo Ayatsuru")
MAO Chapter 8.jpg
Mao recounts his past encounter with the cat demon then sets on investigating the psychic for she is said to have an ability similar to his hated adversary. He has Nanoka infiltrate her temple as a new devotee while he inspects the dojo of the man who died just as she predicted.


  • The volume sold 31,580 copies in its first week on sale.

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