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Tenko (貂子) is a waitress working at a coffee shop called Milk Hall (ルーホクルミ) and associate of Mao.


While working at Milk Hall, she gets information about mysterious cases and informs Mao whom she allows to use the place to discuss those cases with others or hide someone.

She survives the Great Kanto Earthquake although the shop got a few cracks despite still standing thus had to stay close.[1] Followingly, she heard about disappearing young girls in an area and a fellow waitress had gone missing too so she goes to this area and meets a serial killer named Tanehiko responsible for the young girls' disappearances who hits her with his car and takes her as his next victim. But as soon as she is brought to his home, she wakes up, shows her true nature and bites him but she is neutralized by vines controlled by his servant Kuchinawa who was about to kill her, but she is saved by Mao who was guided by the spirit of a creature of her kind.[2]

She continues to greet Mao in Milk Hall which got reopened, whenever he comes to discuss mysterious cases.[3]


She's a young girl with short hair with a rose on the left side, and is mostly seen wearing a floral yukata with a waitress apron while working at Milk Hall.

When she shows her true yōkai nature, her eyes change and she grows fangs.


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She seems to have a close relationship with him as she knows about his past and current objective.


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