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Haimaru (灰丸) is a cat demon (猫鬼) who was originally Sana's pet cat.



900 years ago, while living in the Onmyodo Mansion, he didn’t like being touched by anyone except Sana but surprisingly accepted being touched also by Mao. After Mao was named successor by his master, he was secretly taken by Mokuzu at someone’s request and thrown into a poison hole in which he became a cat demon. Following, he became a cat demon and infiltrated a sanctuary shrine, in which only Mao's master and successor were allowed, and ate a book of secrets which contains a technique to control people’s lifespans. A massacre followed, and as Mao was on the verge of death, the cat demon who was impaled by an exorcising spear told Mao that he can survive by offering his body to him, which meant becoming the cat’s vessel and live within him, but Mao decapitated the cat with his Seventh Star Long Sword, but Haimaru still lived as only his head and flew away, while his leftover body was fused with Mao. It hid itself beneath a keystone under a constructed Christian church guarded by flea demons dressed as nuns.


As the keystone disappears because of the Great Kanto Earthquake, the cat demon comes out and confronts Mao in a town engulfed in fire, but escapes to 88 years in the future carrying a young Nanoka Kiba who mysteriously appeared from that time through the Five Line Shopping Street following a cave-in accident[1]. It dropped a bloody Nanoka into the sinkhole in front of the gate and flew away. It apparently changed the lifespan of her grandfather who was in his deathbed so he could take care of Nanoka to later make her his vessel, although he couldn’t do so as long as he doesn’t recover his leftover body.

Shortly after, as Shiranui sends water-using minions to capture Mao, his identity would be revealed by one of them being a reanimated Mokuzu[2], and he’d show himself to Nanoka after she inadvertently healed Mao by giving some of her blood when he was near death after fighting another minion being a Shikigami, to warn her about giving her blood to Mao, then to have her tell Mao that he will need him eventually if he wants to know everything and that she may call him whenever she wants to meet him.[3]


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He was originally an ordinary cat then became a huge cat demon with various tails.

Currently, he lives as only a head with a scar on his left eye, but can reassume his original form as an ordinary cat without his left pupil.



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Nanoka Kiba

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